Who does not dream to spend all weekend and free from hassles of working days in a quiet relaxed atmosphere in the fresh air? It is for this many of us every night on Friday multikilometer standing in traffic to travel from city to finally get a quiet peaceful place outside the city (the country or a country cottage). But what appeasement without real Russian bathhouse? Still standing in traffic many of us are anticipating as overflow bottle as poparyatsya so would all sorrows and worries left behind somewhere in the city, and it is pure tranquility and grace and even outdoors - outdoors. If you think, it is the bath is the factor that allows you to find the strength every day to fight the stupid and dull tasks that are constantly at work all week, and many of us dream: Well come on Friday, and then the city, there bath .... Thus, subconsciously rather than consciously for many of us is the bath place must come the long-awaited relaxation and all the problems and concerns inevitably will - is this our Russian spirit, upbringing and mentality. And what if it was in the bath? Story karkasnuyu bath IZ timber. Secrets from SanыchaYak also realize this indispensable and mandatory dream of building a bath every Russian, and even desirable, so that it was a budget option that would let "the world" Your family? This is what will be here today mova.Sohodni experienced builder Sanych share their own experiences of the budget framework bath timber is brusa.Same budget option is the construction of the bath. So build a century bathhouse from a bar. Configuration and scheme of the premises of the bath can be found in many online - vydannyah.Yaki size to choose for the changing room, steam room and washing - a topic for another rozmovy.Proekty framework bath with various architectural decisions, including those that allow the use of bath houses not only for its intended purpose, but also as a frame of the guest house. Secrets of bath frame construction Sanych: 1.brus has good insulating properties and bath, built wireframe method of timber can optionally be used as a dwelling; 2.karkasna bath from a bar rather simple in construction and installation, so you can build pretty soon; 3.karkasna bath from a bar - this is the cheapest option and the budget of the building and the construction of a bath; 4.karkas of timber logs Tselikov much easier, and thus can be used lightweight version of the foundation - which again reduces the cost of construction and erection frame bath.







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