Build a house cheap timber - a problem quite feasible if the right approach to this issue. The main thing to realize here, what you can save and on what does not. Not every offer available in the market for construction services we do. It is often cheaper cost of construction is possible only with the use of cheaper and lower quality materials or in carrying only the most basic stages of construction. Yes, you may get a box of low-cost houses, which will be difficult to call home until you attach it as much or more money than has given builders. That's why you can not compare the price of building a house from a bar cheaply in different companies without assessing the amount and quality of what is included in this price. Also, do not forget that whatever equipment was full service "turnkey house" in the original price is unlikely to be included conducting electricity or communications, internal and external processing or stop heating furnaces. Therefore, it is necessary to objectively assess their strength and prepare for the fact that the building will still have to spend money, albeit not immediately, but gradually transforming an ordinary home in their cozy nest. Check with the construction company, is included in the construction of building foundations, because this process is very costly and time-consuming, and requires an understanding and knowledge of the project. Poet good foundation to establish themselves builders, and, best, without additional surcharges. Also, check whether the delivery of construction materials and all necessary free or not. If the production is in another city or region, the delivery of materials will cost you very dearly, but many companies are ready to offer this service for free (within reason). By the way, if your area has no electricity, and any temporary structures, get ready for what you have to pay for the rental of the building and generator Module to house builders and their equipment. If the construction company and you are going to meet and offers free Module or rent a very nice price for this extra service, so not so bad, most likely, there have not been vytryasut all the money and adequately calculate your budget. Build houses with cheap timber only proven companies and enjoy the results!







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