What would be the landlord are two ways: Buy finished house Build yourself a house The first option is usually much easier than trying very down home vyhadaty.Odnak is that when we build a house yourself, or order home building professionals, we are able to control the quality of major components of our future home. The number of "surprises" that got out of the building during the drastically reduced :) If we decide to build a house, one of the main issues before construction is the price. In our case it sounds like, "How much to put a skeleton?" And here we have several options of the skeleton that have their pros and cons. There are two types of frame houses. In the construction of a timber used second constructed from doshky.Tak also worth noting that the most frame houses built of wood instead of steel and concrete used in large buildings. Prefab homes are built of boards are now more common. The main reason for the popularity of this type of frame - saw significant savings. In turn houses built of boards are divided into two cylinder versions and platforms. The container was very popular until 1950, but is now rare with the difficulties in the process of construction and therefore increased costs. Platform - the most used method of construction of frame houses today. The frame is built of timber, structurally different from the frame of the boards. The original timber framed houses from being built without nails, using original techniques spoluk.Nayyaskravishym example of timber frame house (timber frame) is a German fahverk.Dlya reduce the cost of construction in most cases not zashyvavsya frame and slotted a zamazuvalysya clay of England most old ocheretom.U old houses built on this technology outside covered with siding. Most of the budget frame house dust is the price of materials (about half of future home) Usually construction frame house takes 1-2 weeks, sometimes faster. * That is, for that would roughly define which type of frame you will build more profitable, you need to study well the local prices for the forest. And pay special attention to quality. * It is important to note that for 2 weeks build houses, for example, in Canada, where worked as construction technology, standardized so all stages of the construction of a skeleton that time is spent minimum.Zvychayno, means significant savings on otlate workers.







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